Shipra provided sensitive information

Retired Major (retd) Sinha Rashed’s accomplice Shipra Debnath, who was shot dead by police in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, was released on bail, the RAB said. This information was given in a briefing on Monday (August 10) by the director of the legal and media wing of the RAB, Lt. Colonel Ashiq Billah.Ashik Billal said Shipra was first questioned as a witness in Sinha’s death after he was released on bail yesterday. Shipra gave a lot of sensitive information. Shipra says it was an unfortunate event that happened in her life. This incident turned the corner of his life. He will wait until the last day of his life for justice. He said Sifat would now be questioned. After the interrogation of the witnesses, the 3 accused will be taken into the custody of RAB and interrogated.The RAB official said that the RAB would seek a 10-day remand for the four accused in the case filed against the police in connection with the death of Major (retd) Sinha. According to the RAB, in the case statement filed by the police, there is no laptop or camera device in the Caesar list. After questioning Sifat, Shipra, the concerned investigating officer will be asked about this. The investigating officer may appoint any member of his force for the purpose of investigation.

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